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Table 4 Genes that distinguish children with active juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in discriminant function analysis

From: Novel approaches to gene expression analysis of active polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Gene bank Name Description AverAD AverHC Partial Wilks λ Summary of function
M11147 FTL Ferritin L chain 23.25 82.87 0.008 Ferritin light polypeptide; iron storage protein
D23661 RPL37 Ribosomal protein L37 65.72 73.62 0.027 Ribosomal protein L37; component of the large 60-S ribosomal subunit
M59907 GRANULOPHYSIN CD63 27.03 21.75 0.006 Melanoma-associated antigen; may function as a blood platelet activation marker
M20681 SLC2A3P SLC2A3 glucose transporter 26.23 29.56 0.004 Facilitated glucose transporter
Y14737 HDC Immunoglobulin heavy constant γ3 22.24 56.99 0.002 Constant region of heavy chain of IgG3
U14747 VSNL1 VSNL1 22.05 12.47 0.174 Visinin-like protein 1; may bind calcium
X02812 TGFB1 TGFB1 20.11 30.1 0.005 Transforming growth factor β1; regulates cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis
Y00787 IL-8 IL-8 19.36 54.2 0.018 Interleukin 8; cytokine that plays a role in chemoattraction and activation of neutrophils
AF026939 RIGG IFNIT4 interferon-induced protein 16.68 1.97 0.026 Interferon-induced protein
X13403 OTF1 Octamer-binding protein Oct-1 15.46 14.96 0.005 Ubiquitously expressed POU homeodomain transcription factor 1
Y08110 SORLA Sortilin-related receptor 14.48 28.66 0.002 Sortilin-related receptor; may be involved in the uptake of lipoproteins and proteases
U75283 SR-BP1 Sigma receptor 11.46 5.34 0.004 Type I sigma receptor; transmembrane protein that interacts with psychotomimetic drugs, including cocaine and amphetamines
X02492 15-Jun Interferon-inducible fragment 10.3 1.88 0.024 Induced by α and β interferon; hydrophobic
M64722 APOJ Clusterin 9.74 4.84 0.003 Clusterin, glycoprotein found in high-density lipoproteins and endocrine and neuronal granules; has a role in the terminal complement reaction
M55646 IL1RN IL-1 receptor antagonist 7.03 3.69 0.056 Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist; binds to and inhibits the IL-1 receptor
X57198 TFIIS Transcription elongation factor A 6.38 7.9 0.005 Transcription elongation factor A (SII); stimulates the activity of the RNA polymerase II elongation complex
AF043233 HPECT1 Caco-2 oligopeptide transporter 5.49 2.87 0.004 H(+)-coupled peptide transporter; absorbs small peptides produced by digestion of dietary proteins and may transport β-lactam antibiotics
U26173 IL3BP1 Interleukin 3 regulated nuclear factor 5.4 6.58 0.033 Basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor; activates IL3 gene expression and can also repress transcription; binds to regulatory sequences in the promoters of the adenovirus E4, γ interferon (IFNG), and interleukin 3 (IL3) genes
X05997   Gastric lipase 5.27 28.58 0.008 Digestion of dietary triglycerides in the gastrointestinal tract
  1. AverAD, AverHC, average expression level (defined as the number of standard deviations from mean of background) in untreated patients with active disease and in healthy controls, respectively. The discriminative power of each gene can also be characterized by the partial Wilks λ coefficient. This value is equal to the ratio of within-group differences in expression to within- and between-group differences in expression. It ranges from 1.0 (no discriminatory power) to 0.0 (perfect discriminatory power). ND, none detected.