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Figure 2

From: IgVH genes from different anatomical regions, with different histopathological patterns, of a rheumatoid arthritis patient suggest cyclic re-entry of mature synovial B-cells in the hypermutation process

Figure 2

Analyses of the VH4 family amplificates. (a) Comparison ofthe five nucleotide VH4 sequences with their germline counterpartIgHV4-30-1/4-31*02. (b) Clonal relation between sequencesk194/100 and k194/101; replacement (r) and silent (s)mutations on the VH segment when compared with the germline. (c) Clonalrelation between sequence k194/23 amplified from the left peronealtendon (lpt) and sequences k194/102 and k194/103 amplifiedfrom the cubita. Dashed arrows indicate the possibility of cyclic re-entry ofthe mature B cells into the hypermutation process.

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