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Figure 5

From: IgVH genes from different anatomical regions, with different histopathological patterns, of a rheumatoid arthritis patient suggest cyclic re-entry of mature synovial B-cells in the hypermutation process

Figure 5

Amino acid replacement plot, calculated across translated aminoacid sequences shown in Figure 3b. (a) Conservative replacement (Y D, E;↔ N D, E; L↔ V, A, F, I; S↔ N, T, Q; D↔ E;K↔ R); (b) indeterminant replacement (H↔ all amino acids; M↔ allamino acids; G↔ A, V, L, I, F, P; W↔ R, K, S, T, N, Q, D, E; P↔ A, V, I,L,F; K, R↔ N, Q, S, T, Y; C↔ D, E, K, N, Q, R, S, T, Y; Y↔ K, R, N, Q, S,T); and (c) nonconservative replacement (R, K↔ E, D; D, Y, E↔ A, I,L,P, F; S, T, Q, N↔ A, I, L, V, P, F; R, K↔ A, I, L, P,V, F; C↔ A, I, P, V, L,F; W↔ A, I, P, F, V, L; G↔ C, D, E, R, K, N, Q, S, T, Y). The type ofreplacement was defined on the basis of [45,46,47,48].

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