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Table 4 Correlation between baseline measurements and the extent of physical disability at follow-up in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

From: Measurement of global functional performance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis using rheumatology function tests

Baseline measurement r value with physical disability at follow-upa,b P for comparison with global functional performance
Global functional performance -0.72 Referent
Tender joint count 0.40 ≤0.001
Swollen joint count 0.19 ≤0.001
Deformed-joint count 0.36 ≤0.001
Pain 0.45 ≤0.001
Grip strength -0.52 ≤0.001
Walking velocity -0.69 0.03
Timed button test -0.59 ≤0.001
Steinbrocker functional class 0.62 ≤0.001
SF-36 physical function 0.67 0.02
MHAQ 0.65 ≤0.001
  1. ar, correlation between baseline measurements and level of physical disability after a median follow-up of 1 year. bPhysical disability measured as the first principal component of SF-36 physical function, MHAQ, and Steinbrocker class [10]. MHAQ = Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire [17]; SF-36, short-form 36 questionnaire [16].