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Table 1 Gene expression studies of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with autoimmune diseases

From: Gene expression signatures for autoimmune disease in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Subjects studied Gene arrays used Summary Reference
MS (n = 27) and normal controls (n = 19) 14,000 cDNA clones MS patients distinguished from normal controls using 53 discriminatory genes Bomprezzi et al., 2003 [12]
MS (n = 10) Mini-lymphochip with >12,000 elements Identification of a set of genes regulated by IFN-ß Sturzebecher et al., 2003 [13]
SLE (n = 21) and normal controls (n = 12) Cytokine gene array with 375 genes in duplicate Clustering distinguished most patients from controls Rus et al., 2002 [14]
SLE (n = 48) and normal controls (n = 42) Affymetrix U95A array with >10,000 genes Dysregulation of genes in the IFN pathway present in SLE patients with active disease Baechler et al., 2003 [15]
Pediatric SLE (n = 30); JCA (n = 12); normal children (n = 9) Affymetrix U95AV2 array with >12,000 genes SLE patients had overexpression of granulopoiesis-related and IFN-induced genes related to the presence of active disease Bennett et al., 2003 [16]
SLE, RA, MS, IDDM (n = 53) and normal controls (n = 9) Research Genetics/Invitrogen with >4300 genes Autoimmune patients clustered separately from normal and immunized controls Maas et al., 2002 [17]
  1. IDDM, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; IFN, interferon; JCA, juvenile chronic arthritis; MS, multiple sclerosis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.