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Table 1 DBA-lpr/lpr mice are protected against collagen-induced arthritis

From: A proinflammatory role for Fas in joints of mice with collagen-induced arthritis

  No. of micea Incidence (%)b Mean scorec at day 64 Mean day of onsetd
DBA/1J-lpr/lpr 34 44* e 1.6 ± 0.75*f 51 ± 14
DBA/1J-lpr/+ 33 81 5 ± 1.1 41 ± 6
  1. DBA/1J-lpr/lpr and DBA/1J-lpr/+ mice were scored for arthritic lesions as described in Materials and methods. A summary of disease course in DBA/1J-lpr/lpr and their control littermates DBA/1J-lpr/+ is shown. a18 of the lpr/lpr mice and 16 of the lpr/+ mice are from Ma and co-workers [45]. bNumber of diseased mice divided by all mice. cScore of diseased mice divided by all mice ± SEM. dTotal of days of onset divided by the number of diseased mice ± SD. * eP < 0.05, χ2 test. * fP < 0.05, Mann–Whitney U test.