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Table 1 Modified Mankin's histological scores

From: Acoustic stiffness and change in plug cartilage over time after autologous osteochondral grafting: correlation between ultrasound signal intensity and histological score in a rabbit model

Subscore Details
Cartilage structure
   Normal 0
   Surface irregularities 1
   Pannus and surface irregularities 2
   Clefts to transitional zone 3
   Clefts to radial zone 4
   Clefts to calcified zone 5
   Complete disorganization 6
Cartilage cells
   Normal 0
   Pyknosis, lipid degeneration hypercellularity 1
   Clusters 2
   Hypocellularity 3
Safranin-O, thionine, Alcian blue
   Normal 0
   Slight reduction 1
   Moderate reduction 2
   Severe reduction 3
   No staining 4
Tidemark integrity
   Intact 0
   Destroyed 1