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Figure 2

From: Rheumatoid synovial CD4+ T cells exhibit a reduced capacity to differentiate into IL-4-producing T-helper-2 effector cells

Figure 2

Frequency of cytokine producing cells in Tm subsets. Intracellular staining for cytokines was assessed for CD4+, CD45RO+ T cells that were immediately stimulated after isolation as described in Fig. 1; 104 cells were collected for each analysis of normal blood (n = 11), RAPB (n = 9), RASF (n = 8), and RAST (n = 4). The total number of cytokine-producing cells detected in each sample is shown in the upper right corner of each graph. The frequency of each subset of cytokine-producing cells is shown (mean ± standard error of the mean). The frequency was derived by using the total number of cytokine-producing cells as the denominator (× 100). Statistically significant differences are described in Results.

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