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Figure 2

From: Isolation and characterization of rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts from primary culture — primary culture cells markedly differ from fourth-passage cells

Figure 2

FACS/histochemical analysis of the negative fraction following isolation of RA-SFB from primary culture using Dynabeads® M-450 CD14. The AS02/Thy-1+ RA-SFB (A) were almost free of contaminating CD14+(B) (mAb Tyk4) or CD68+ macrophages (D) (mAb PG-M1). The RA-SFB were accordingly negative for the macrophage marker non-specific esterase (histochemistry (C)). Original magnification: (C) 184 ×. PE, phycoerythrine; FITC, fluoresceine isothiocyanate.

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