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Table 1 The IL-17 superfamily: cellular sources, receptors, and major functions

From: Biology of recently discovered cytokines: Interleukin-17 – a unique inflammatory cytokine with roles in bone biology and arthritis

Cytokine Other names Cellular source Receptor Major functions
IL-17 IL-17A, CTLA-8 T cells (memory) IL-17R (also known as, IL-17AR) Inflammation, neutrophil recruitment, cytokine secretion, bone metabolism
IL-17B   Multiple organs IL-17BR (also known as, IL-17Rh1/Evi27) Cytokine secretion, inflammation
IL-17C   Unknown Unknown Regulation of Th1 cytokines
IL-17D IL-27 Multiple organs Unknown Cytokine secretion
IL-17E IL-25 Th2 IL-17BR (also known as, IL-17Rh1/Evi27) Regulation of Th2 cytokines
IL-17F ML-1 CD4+ T cells and monocytes IL-17R? Angiogenesis, cytokine secretion, regulation of Th1 cytokines
HVS13 vIL-17 Herpesvirus saimiri infected cells IL-17R? Unknown (not required for cellular transformation)
  1. References and further information on this family can be found in the report by Moseley and coworkers [24]. CTLA, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte associated antigen; IL, interleukin; IL-17R, interleukin-17 receptor; Th, T-helper.