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Figure 4

From: The critical role of arginine residues in the binding of human monoclonal antibodies to cardiolipin

Figure 4

Effect of arginine to serine point mutations in IS4 variable heavy chainregion (VH) complementarity determining region 3. Cardiolipin binding of IgG in COS-7 cell supernatants containing wild-type or mutant forms of IS4 heavy chain expressed with wild-type B3 or IS4 light chains. The IS4VH mutants VHi, VHii, VHiii and VHiv contain single arginine to serine point mutations at positions 96, 97, 100 and 100 g, respectively; VHi&ii contains arginine to serine point mutations at positions 96 and 97; and VHx has an arginine to serine point mutation at all four positions. Presented as concentration of IgG in the supernatant versus optical density (OD) at 405 nm in the anti-cardiolipin ELISA.

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