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Table 1 The range of IgG concentrations (ng/ml) produced by expression of the 32 heavy chain/light chain combinations

From: The critical role of arginine residues in the binding of human monoclonal antibodies to cardiolipin

Heavy chain Light chain contributing CDR1 Light chain contributing CDR2 and CDR3 Light chain name IgG concentration (ng/ml)
IS4 IS4 IS4 IS4 24–368
IS4 IS4 B3 IB 22–140
IS4 IS4 UK4 IU 70–194
IS4 B3 B3 B3 5–14
IS4 B3 IS4 BI 50–60
IS4 B3 UK4 BU 5–60
IS4 UK4 UK4 UK4 11–22
IS4 UK4 IS4 UI 50–480
IS4 UK4 B3 UB 9–50
B3 IS4 IS4 IS4 71–192
B3 IS4 B3 IB 41–96
B3 IS4 UK4 IU 89–376
B3 B3 B3 B3 3.5–6
B3 B3 IS4 BI 120–608
B3 B3 UK4 BU 40–68
B3 UK4 UK4 UK4 8–28
B3 UK4 IS4 UI 60–480
B3 UK4 B3 UB 2–20
IS4 B3(Arg27aSer) B3 B3a 48–60
B3 B3(Arg27aSer) B3 B3a 2.5–4
IS4VHi IS4 IS4 IS4 50–56
IS4VHii IS4 IS4 IS4 65–70
IS4VHiii IS4 IS4 IS4 48–90
IS4VHiv IS4 IS4 IS4 48–90
IS4VHx IS4 IS4 IS4 78–94
IS4VHi&ii IS4 IS4 IS4 74–80
IS4VHi B3 B3 B3 24–54
IS4VHii B3 B3 B3 30
IS4VHiii B3 B3 B3 30–34
IS4VHiv B3 B3 B3 28–30
IS4VHx B3 B3 B3 32–34
IS4VHi&ii B3 B3 B3 32–47
  1. IgG concentrations in COS-7 cell supernatants were determined by ELISA. The hybrid light chains were named by combining the names of the two parent antibodies such that the first letter represented the antibody from which the complementarity determining region (CDR) 1 was derived and the last letter represented the antibody from which both the CDR2 and CDR3 were derived. At least two expression experiments were carried out for each combination; identical concentrations were obtained for IS4VHii/B3VL from two different expression experiments.