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Figure 5 | Arthritis Res Ther

Figure 5

From: Gene expression profiles in the rat streptococcal cell wall-induced arthritis model identified using microarray analysis

Figure 5

Temporal gene expression profiles in the reactivation model of streptococcal cell wall (SCW)-induced arthritis in rat identified using Spotfire® profile search analysis. The seven different clusters identified are termed C-1 to C-7. Each graph shows the characteristic pattern of expression throughout the time course of disease for a representative gene from the defined cluster. Results are expressed as the mean of the signal intensity of gene expression for each group (four to five samples/group). The number of the cluster to which each gene belongs is included in Table 2. The time course of inflammation, expressed as change in ankle diameter (mm) relative to the starting diameter, is shown in the upper left panel. N, naïve; PBS, phosphate-buffered saline.

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