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Table 1 Cytokine release in response to one species of HERV-K113 RNA from different cells

From: Activation of antigen-presenting cells by endogenous retroviral RNA

  Tumor necrosis factor (ng/ml) IL-6 (ng/ml) IP-10(ng/ml)
Macrophage and K113 RNA 5.46 0.234 Not done
Macrophage and R848 (positive control) 5.78 15.56 Not done
Macrophage and control RNA (negative control) 0.04 0.0 Not done
Dendritic cell and K113 RNA 4.45 3.75 5.2
Dendritic cell and R848 (positive control) 6.49 13.57 5.12
Dendritic cell and control RNA (negative control) 0.095 0.458 0.824