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Table 1 Summary of results for 10 distributed sera

From: Results of the Consensus Finding Study Group on Autoantibodies (March 2003–March 2004)

Serum Detected antibodies Comments
1 dsDNA Only Crithidia luciliae positive
2 SS-A 52 kDa + 60 kDa, SS-B Good consensus
3 SS-A 52 kDa, SCL-70 SS-A 60 kDa only found by minority
4 PR-3 ANCA Very few incorrect results
5 SS-B SS-A found by ELISA, counterimmunoelectrophoresis and immunoblot mostly negative
6 U1-snRNP, A and C protein 70K negative, good consensus
7 Centromere (CENP-B) Good consensus
8 ssDNA Perfect consensus
9 dsDNA No consensus
10 dsDNA Good consensus