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Table 2 General presentation of the 12 patients with 'complete lupus'

From: Systemic lupus erythematosus induced by anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha therapy: a French national survey

Patient Before anti-TNF alpha treatment   During onset of symptoms
  Disease Autoantibody Clinical signs of lupus Treatment Duration of treatment (months) Clinical signs of lupusa Biological signs of lupus
1 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 27 General, skin, serositis, lung ANA+, dsDNA+, ACL+, leucopenia, thrombopenia, ENA+
2 RA, RF+, erosive ANA+, Ro+ None INF 4 General, skin (3), arthritis ANA+, dsDNA+, histone +
3 RA, RF+, erosive ANA+, Ro+ None INF 2 Skin, myalgias, arthritis ANA+, dsDNA+, ENA+,
4 RA, RF-, erosive None None ETA 4 General, skin (2), myositis ANA+, dsDNA+, ACL+, low C4, ENA+
5 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 4 Skin (3), myositis, arthritis, pericarditis ANA+, dsDNA+, ACL+, CPK, lymphopenia
6 RA, RF+, erosive ANA+, dsDNA+ limit value None ETA 5 General, skin ANA+, dsDNA+, thrombopenia, leucopenia
7 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 10 General, serositis, myositis ANA+, dsDNA+, ACL+, leucopenia, thrombopenia, CPK,
8 RA, RF+ None None ETA 2 Phlebitis, skin ANA+, dsDNA+, leucopenia, ACL+, thrombopenia
9 Psoriatic arthritis None None INF 14 General, skin, neurological ANA+, dsDNA+
10 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 16 General, Skin, arthritis ANA+, dsDNA+
11 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 12 General, skin (3), arthritis, myositis ANA+, dsDNA+, ENA+, CPK
12 RA, RF+, erosive None None INF 10 General, skin, arthritis ANA+, dsDNA+, CPK, ENA+, ACL+, low C4, histone+, leucopenia, lymphopenia, Coombs test+
  1. ACL, positive anticardiolipin antibodies; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; CPK, creatin phospokinase or muscle enyme, elevated muscle enzymes; dsDNA, double-strand DNA; ENA, positive anti-extractable nuclear antigens antibodies; ETA, etanercept; general, general manifestations (fever, weight loss, asthenia); histone, positive anti-histone antibodies; INF, infliximab; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; +, positive; -, negative.
  2. aThe skin manifestations were as follows (number in parentheses indicates number of skin manifestations observed in one patient): maculo papular rash observed in six patients, butterfly rash observed in five patients, alopecia present in one patient, photosensitivity observed in five patients, purpuric lesions observed in two patients. One patient had no skin manifestations, seven patients had one sign, one patient had two different signs, and three patients had three skin manifestations.