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Table 4 Predicted epitopes for HLA DRB1*0101 and HLA DRB1*0401 which were changed by nonsynonymous mutations

From: Somatic mutations in the mitochondria of rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes

Patient Amino acid start position Predicted core epitope (before mutation) Predicted -logIC50 (M) New epitope with amino acid changea New predicted -logIC50 (M)
HLA DRβ*0101
   RA313 274 RTAYPRFRY 6.661 RTAHPRFRY 6.896
   RA307 99 NLGLLFILA 6.51 SLGLLFILA 6.549
   OA302 215 YAAGPFALF 6.681 YAAGPFALS 5.708
HLA DRβ*0401
   RA307 259 FVTKTLLLT 7.329 FVAKTLLLT 7.316
   RA313 88 PLPMPNPLV 7.093 PLPIPNPLV 6.946
   RA307 93 NPLVNLNLG 7.09 NPLVNLSLG 7.148
  1. aBold indicates amino acid changed by mutation; a -logIC50 value above 6.5 is considered to be a binder for prediction purposes. IC50, median inhibitory concentration.