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Table 2 Human neutrophil antigen nomenclature

From: Primary and secondary autoimmune neutropenia

Antigen system Antigen Glycoprotein Acronym Caucasian phenotype frequency (%)
HNA-1 HNA-1a FcγRIIIb NA1 58
  HNA-1b FcγRIIIb NA2 88
  HNA-1c FcγRIIIb SH 5
HNA-2 HNA-2a gp50–64 NB1 97
HNA-3 HNA-3a gp70–95 5b 97
HNA-4 HNA-4a CD11b MART 99
HNA-5 HNA-5a CD11a OND 96
  1. Based on Bux [14]. FcγR, Fcγ receptor; HNA, human neutrophil antigen.