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Table 3 Pair-wise linkage disequilibrium measures (D') calculated from the control groups in the two populations

From: Analysis of Fcγ receptor haplotypes in rheumatoid arthritis: FCGR3A remains a major susceptibility gene at this locus, with an additional contribution from FCGR3B

FCGR3A 0.30 (0.18)   
FCGR3B 0.05 (0.23) -0.40 (-0.21)  
FCGR2B -0.10 (0.05) 0.00 (-0.34) -0.68 (-0.52)
  1. Shown are D' measures for the UK Caucasian (and North Indian/Pakistani) populations. Values with a magnitude of 0.3 and higher highlighted in bold.