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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of 68 patients with chronic inflammatory low back pain

From: Magnetic resonance imaging changes of sacroiliac joints in patients with recent-onset inflammatory back pain: inter-reader reliability and prevalence of abnormalities

Characteristic All patients (N = 68)
Sex (% male) 38
Mean age (years) (SD) 34.9 (10.3)
Median symptom duration (months) (interquartile range) 18.0 [12.0–24.0]
Criteria for inflammatory low back pain  
   Three criteria present (%) 56
   Four criteria present (%) 41
   Five criteria present (%) 3
Night pain present (%) 96a
HLA-B27 present (%) 46
History of inflammatory bowel disease present (%) 15
History of uveitis present (%) 15
History of psoriasis present (%) 24
Family history of ankylosing spondylitis present (%) 37
  1. aForty-five of the 47 patients in whom night pain was explored were reported confirmatory.