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Figure 2

From: Intra-articular injection of recombinant TRAIL induces synovial apoptosis and reduces inflammation in a rabbit knee model of arthritis

Figure 2

Recombinant TRAIL (rTRAIL) showed no significant inhibition of synoviocytes of rabbit. Primary synoviocytes prepared from arthritic knee joints by digesting the synovium with collagenase of rabbit were cultured and the primary synovial fibroblasts were acquired after passage in culture three times. The cells were cultured and grown to confluent in 24-well plates overnight and then co-incubated in duplicate with 5, 20, and 40 μg of rTRAIL for 48 h. The cell viability was measured using a MTT assay and the data expressed as percentage viability in rTRAIL treated cells relative to non-treated cells.

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