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Table 1 Patterns of anti-Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) serologies observed in different disease states

From: Epstein–Barr virus and rheumatoid arthritis: is there a link?

Disease state VCA EBNA-1 EBNA-2 EA References
Early, acute primary EBV infection IgA, IgM Undetectable ↑↑ EA-D [45,66]
Primary infection (weeks to months) IgG EA-R [45,67]
Latent EBV infection in healthy host Stable IgG Stable Stable EA-R [67]
Reactivation/EBV replication ↑↑ IgG ↑↑ [67-69,117]
Nasopharyngeal carcinomaa ↑↑ IgG, IgA    ↑ IgG, IgA [70,118-120]
Burkitt's lymphomaa ↑↑ IgG ↑↑ [70,121]
Multiple sclerosisa ↑↑ [111,112]
Systemic lupus erythematosusa    [113,114]
Rheumatoid arthritis [82-86,122]
  1. EA, EBV early antigen; EA-D, EBV early antigen – diffuse; EA-R, EBV early antigen – restricted; EBNA, EBV nuclear antigen; VCA, EBV viral capsid antigen. aAbnormalities observed before disease onset.