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Table 1 Correlations between rheumatoid factor or anti-CCP and IgG content in immune complexes and TNF-α inducing properties of immune complexes

From: Immune complexes from rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid induce FcγRIIa dependent and rheumatoid factor correlated production of tumour necrosis factor-α by peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Correlation Study 1 (n = 15) Study 2 (n = 32)
  r P r P
RF/SF immune complexes
   IgG in SF precipitates/TNF-α induced by SF precipitates 0.604 0.0239 0.503 0.0051
   RF/TNF-α induced by SF precipitates 0.404 0.1310 (NS) 0.594 0.001
   RF/IgG in SF precipitates 0.729 0.0064 0.360 0.0449
RF/serum immune complexes
   IgG in serum precipitates/TNF-α induced by serum precipitates 0.171 NS -0.265 NS
   RF/TNF-α induced by serum precipitates 0.332 NS 0.329 NS
   RF/IgG in serum precipitates 0.346 NS 0.388 0.0308
Anti-CCP/SF immune complexes
   Anti-CCP/TNF-α induced by SF precipitates ND ND 0.043 NS
   Anti-CCP/IgG in SF precipitates ND ND 0.083 NS
Anti-CCP/serum immune complexes
   Anti-CCP/TNF-α induced by serum precipitates ND ND 0.191 NS
   Anti-CCP/IgG in serum precipitates ND ND 0.246 NS
  1. CCP, cyclic citrullinated peptide; ND, not done; NS, not significant; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor; SF, synovial fluid; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.