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Table 5 Number of patients in each BILAG body system with resolution of baseline B- and C-level disease activities

From: Initial clinical trial of epratuzumab (humanized anti-CD22 antibody) for immunotherapy of systemic lupus erythematosus

Body system B level C level
General 3/3 (100%) 0/11 (0%)
Mucocutaneous 4/13 (31%) 0/1 (0%)
Neurological 0/0 2/10 (20%)
Musculoskeletal 1/2 (50%) 1/11 (9%)
CV/Respiratory 0/2 (0%) 2/2 (100%)
Vasculitis 2/5 (40%) 0/4 (0%)
Renal 0/0 2/4 (50%)
Hematology 0/1 (0%) 0/11 (0%)
  1. Resolution is defined as post-treatment improvement of baseline disease activity level by at least one category level (B to C, D, or E; C to D or E) at one or more evaluations up to 18 weeks, with no categorical deterioration from the baseline activity level prior to improvement, and no reversion to the baseline activity level once any improvement has occurred. Additionally note that 3 patients with multiple BILAG B involvement at baseline had completely resolved all B-level disease activities by 18 weeks.