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Table 1 Examples of autoantigens involved in RNA metabolic processes

From: The RNA interference pathway: a new target for autoimmunity

Autoantigen Ribonucleoprotein complex Target protein(s) Subcellular localization Process
Sm U snRNP Sm proteins Nucleoplasm Pre-mRNA splicing
Ro Y RNP Ro60 Cytoplasm RNA quality control
La La RNP La protein Nucleoplasm Maturation RNA Pol III transcripts
Th/To RNase MRP, RNase P Rpp38, Rpp25, Rpp20 Nucleoli Pre-rRNA processing
Su RISC Ago, Dicer Cytoplasm RNAi
  1. RISC = RNA-induced silencing complex; RNP = ribonucleoprotein particle.