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Table 2 Anti-type II collagen antibody staining on neonatal cartilage

From: Type IX collagen deficiency enhances the binding of cartilage-specific antibodies and arthritis severity

Strain n Area fractiona
C9T-BQ 8 17.2 ± 9.8b
B10.Q 8 6.5 ± 1.8b
  1. Sections were obtained and stained as described in materials and methods from pure-line homozygous C9T-BQ and wild-type controls (B10.Q). Where errors are shown, results are means ± SD. aArea fraction is calculated as the stained area as a percentage of the total area, from one joint per individual. bC9T-BQ animals had a significantly more densely stained area (p = 0.009) than their wild-type counterpart.