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Figure 3

From: Gene profiling in white blood cells predicts infliximab responsiveness in rheumatoid arthritis

Figure 3

Relative transcript levels at baseline versus three months in responders or non-responders. The patients and transcripts are as in Figure 2a. For every transcript, the 4 levels (median value) shown at baseline and after 3 months in responders and non-responders are expressed as a percentage of the median level at baseline in responders (100%). Significant differences are all noted in the non-responder panel: asterisk outside closed bar, difference in non-responders at baseline versus three months (p < 0.05, paired Wilcoxon's test); asterisk within open bar, difference at baseline in responders versus non-responders (p < 0.05, Mann and Whitney's test); asterisk within closed bar, difference at 3 months in responders versus non-responders (p < 0.05, Mann and Whitney's test). In any patient group, a trend towards an increased or decreased level was considered whenever the value at 3 months was, respectively, above or below the value at baseline, whatever the difference of these values. Note that standard deviations are not shown because they are useless for non-parametric statistical tests.

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