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Figure 6

From: Impairment of chondrocyte biosynthetic activity by exposure to 3-tesla high-field magnetic resonance imaging is temporary

Figure 6

Time course of expression of aggrecan, type II collagen and IL-1β. The endogenous expression of aggrecan, type II collagen and IL-1β was assessed with RT–PCR on days 0, 3 and 6 after exposure to a 3-tesla electromagnetic field (EMF). Unexposed cultures served as controls (control). The integrated optical density of the bands was determined and normalized to that of the β-actin bands as shown in the bar graphs. Values are means and SD. (a) mRNA was obtained from juvenile bovine cartilage samples (n = 4) Aggrecan: *p < 0.009 control versus 'pulsed EMF'; **p < 0.05 'pulsed EMF' versus control; IL-1β: *p < 0.03 control versus 'pulsed EMF'. (b) mRNA was obtained from adult bovine cartilage samples (n = 3). Aggrecan: #p < 0.02 control versus 'pulsed EMF'; IL-1β: #p < 0.02 control versus 'pulsed EMF'.

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