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Table 1 Time-fold up- or down-expression of genes analyzed by real time PCR in SSc-MVECs versus N-MVECs

From: A model of anti-angiogenesis: differential transcriptosome profiling of microvascular endothelial cells from diffuse systemic sclerosis patients

Gene name Time-fold up- or down-expression in SSc-MVECs relative to N-MVECs  
KLK9 10.63 (8.26–13.67)
KLK11 53.07 (41.44–67.98)
KLK12 19.02 (11.61–31.17)
PLXNB1 1.90 (1.41–2.13)
DSG2 35.08 (28.23–43.73)
IL8 2.85 (1.82–4.37)
PLAU 2.44 (1.48–3.65)
PTX3 1.58 (1.29–1.87)
CTGF 1.42 (1.34–1.52)
  1. Upward and downward arrows mean up-regulation and down-regulation in microvascular endothelial cells from patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc-MVECs), respectively. N-MVECs, microvascular endothelial cells from normal subjects.