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Table 1 Effects of leptin or leptin receptor deficiency and leptin administration in experimental models of innate immune response in rodents

From: The role of leptin in innate and adaptive immune responses

Model WT mice/rats ob/ob mice Ob-R-deficient mice/rats Leptin administration References
LPS-induced lethality Fasted mice: ↑ Susceptibility   Fasted WT mice: effect reversed [57]
  ↑ Susceptibility ↓ IL-10    
  ↑ TNF-α ↓ IL-1Ra   ob/ob mice: effect partly reversed  
  ↓ Interferon-γ     
LPS ip   ↓ TNF-α fa/fa rats:   [64]
   ↓ IL-6 ↓ TNF-α   
    ↓ IL-6   
LPS-induced hepatotoxicity   ↑ Sensitivity fa/fa rats:   [60]
   ↓ Hepatic CD4+NK ↑ Sensitivity   
   T cells ↑ IFN-γ mRNA   
   ↑ Serum IL-18 ↓ IL-12 mRNA   
   ↑ Hepatic IL-18 and IL-12    
   ↓ Hepatic IL-10    
   ↑ IFN-γ    
TNF-α-induced lethality Fasted mice: ↑ Susceptibility ↑ Susceptibility Fasted WT mice: effect not reversed [58]
  ↑ Susceptibility     
  Leptin antagonist:    Leptin antagonist: effect partly reversed  
  ↑ Susceptibility     
     ob/ob mice: effect reversed  
Pancreatitis     WT rats: protective effects [62]
     ↑ IL-4  
     ↓ TNF-α and IL-1β  
Escherichia coli iv infusion   ↓ Clearance    [64]
   Smaller fraction of E. coli killed    
Klebsiella pneumoniae intratracheal challenge ↑ Leptin after infection ↑ Mortality    [65]
   ↑ Bacterial counts in lungs and blood    
Candida albicans iv infusion    fa/fa rats:   [66]
    ↑ Yeast/g organ   
Staphylococcus aureus-induced arthritis ↓ Leptin production    WT mice: [55]
     ↓ Severity  
     ↓ IL-6  
Zymosan-induced arthritis   ↑ Joint inflammation ↑ Joint inflammation   [90]
   ↑ SAA and IL-6 ↑ SAA and IL-6   
  1. Up and down arrows indicate increase and decrease, respectively. ip, intraperitoneal; iv, intravenous; LPS, lipopolysaccharide; ob/ob, leptin deficient mice; Ob-R, leptin receptor; SAA, serum amyloid A; TNF, tumor necrosis factor; WT, wild-type.