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Table 4 KIAA1838 two- and three-marker haplotype analysis in 354 rheumatoid arthritis cases and 372 controls

From: Fine mapping of genes within the IDDM8region in rheumatoid arthritis

  Associated haplotype Haplotype frequency in cases (percentage) Haplotype frequency in controls (percentage) Haplotype chi-square (P valuea)
Two-marker haplotype     
   rs910425_rs910424 T_T 32.8 30.5 0.48 (p = 0.48)
Three-marker haplotype     
   rs910425_rs910424_rs2881062 T_T_A 32.8 30.6 0.38 (p = 0.54)
  1. aP value calculated from chi-squared comparison of haplotype frequencies in case versus controls.