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Table 3 Number of patients in subgroup analysis, adherence to therapy, and hazard ratios for stopping treatment

From: Impact of concomitant DMARD therapy on adherence to treatment with etanercept and infliximab in rheumatoid arthritis. Results from a six-year observational study in southern Sweden

  Patients included February through December 1999 Patients included February 2000 through June 2001 Adherence to therapy after 1 year (2 years) Hazard ratio (95% CI) Hazard ratio (95% CI), time-dependent Cox regression analysis
Etanercept and MTX 58 5a 90% (87%) 3.27 (1.76; 6.08) 3.15 (1.84; 5.39)
Infliximab and MTX 12a 206 68% (60%)   
Etanercept as monotherapy 100 13a 77% (69%) 4.26 (2.60; 7.00) 2.75 (1.70; 4.46)
Infliximab as monotherapy 0a 56 45% (27%)   
  1. aPatients not included in analysis. The hazard ratios were adjusted for differences in age, gender, 28-joint disease activity score (DAS28), health assessment questionnaire (HAQ) score, disease duration, previous disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, and C-reactive protein (CRP) level. Data presented in the last column use HAQ score, DAS28, and CRP level as time-dependent covariates. For details, see Results. CI, confidence interval; MTX, methotrexate.