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Table 2 Summary of the small-effect QTL identified in this study

From: Combining global genome and transcriptome approaches to identify the candidate genes of small-effect quantitative trait loci in collagen-induced arthritis

Loci Chromosome Peak marker Position (Mb) P value Susceptibility allele Overlapping QTL in mouse models of RA Snyternic region linked to RA (linked marker)
1a,b,c 5 D5Mit348 23,9 0.00691 DBA/1 Cia13  
2b 5 D5Mit425 119,1 0.04397 DBA/1 Cia14 22q11 (D22S264), 12p13-q24 (D12S95)
3a,b,c 6 D6Mit14 145,7 0.00315 FVB/N   12p13-pter (D12S99)
4a,b,c 7 D7Mit248 59,3 0.03250 DBA/1   
5a,c 10 D10Mit261 85,1 0.00647 DBA/1 Cia8 21q22-qter (D21S268), 10q22-23 (D10S2327)
6b,c 11 D11Mit214 115,2 0.00521 DBA/1 Pgia7 17q21-q25 (D17S1301)
7c 16 D16Mit138 45,4 0.01499 FVB/N   3q29-qter (D3S1311)
8c 17 D17Mit197 18,3 0.02994 FVB/N   
  1. aIdentified in all F2 290 progeny. bIdentified in 76 C5+/+ F2 progeny. cIdentified in 133 C5+/- F2 progeny. QTL, quantitative trait loci; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.