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Figure 7

From: The identification and characterization of a novel protein, c19orf10, in the synovium

Figure 7

The presence of c19orf10 homologues is predicted in multiple vertebrate species. All sequences were obtained from GenBank [25]. Homo sapiens, NP_061980; Mus musculus, NP_543027; Rattus norvegicus, XM_347126; Sus scrofa, SSC.4092; Bos taurus, NP_01001164; Canis familiaris, ENSCAFT30192; Gallus gallus, NP_001006342; Danio rerio, NP_001002480; Tetraodon nigroviridis, CAG08012; and Leucoraja erinacea, CV067465 (translated in reading frame +3); Squalus acanthias, CX789984 (translated in reading frame +2). c19orf10, chromosome 19 open reading frame 10.

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