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Table 1 Confirmed linkage effects in systemic lupus erythematosus

From: Current status of lupus genetics

Linkage region LOD score Study center Study design Associated gene(s) Mouse ortholog Cohort ethnicity Ref(s)
1q23 4.0 OMRF Extended pedigrees FCGR2A, FCGR3A sle1, nba2 [54] EA, AA [6,7]
1q31-32 3.8 UU Extended pedigrees   sle1c [84] EU [6,85]
1q41-43 3.3 UCLA
Extended pedigrees PARP*   EA, HIS [7,86]
2q37 4.2 UU Extended pedigrees PDCD-1   EU [13,87]
4p16 3.8 OMRF Extended pedigrees   sle6 [88] EA [89,90]
6p11-21 4.2 UMN Sib-pairs HLA-DR sles1 [88,91] EA, HIS, AA [16]
10q22-23 P = 0.0002 OMRF
Extended pedigrees, sib-pairs    AA [92-94]
12q24 3.3 OMRF Extended pedigrees    HIS, EA [95]
16q12-13 3.4 UMN
Sib-pairs, extended pedigrees    EA, AA, HIS [96,97]
  1. *Although there was initial evidence that PARP was the gene responsible for this linkage [17], subsequent studies have failed to confirm an association [18-21]. The initial linkage at 10q22 was described using allele sharing statistics; therefore, a P value is generated instead of a log of odds (LOD) score. AA, African-Americanl EA, European-American; EU, European; HIS, Hispanic; OMRF, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation; UCLA, University of California at Los Angeles; USC, University of Southern California; UU, Uppsala University (Sweden).