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Table 4 Multivariate analysis of significant variables and other likely causational variables for serious NSAID ulcer complications

From: Proton-pump inhibitors are associated with a reduced risk for bleeding and perforated gastroduodenal ulcers attributable to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: a nested case-control study

Predictor Adjusted OR 95% CI p
Proton-pump inhibitors 0.33 0.17–0.67 0.002
Coumarin 2.09 0.93–4.70 0.075
Heart failure 2.44 1.28–4.66 0.007
Acetaminophen 2.80 1.64–4.79 <0.001
Low-molecular-mass heparin 17.33 3.71–80.95 <0.001
  1. Serious non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ulcer complication was the dependent variable. Only variables from the final parsimonious model are shown. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.