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Table 2 Mankin's histological histochemical grading

From: Spectrocolorimetric assessment of cartilage plugs after autologous osteochondral grafting: correlations between color indices and histological findings in a rabbit model

Category Grade
I. Structure  
   Normal 0
   Surface irregularities 1
   Pannus and surface irregularities 2
   Clefts to transitional zone 3
   Clefts to radial zone 4
   Clefts to calcified zone 5
   Complete disorganization 6
II. Cells  
   Normal 0
   Diffuse hypercellularity 1
   Cloning 2
   Hypocellularity 3
III. Safranin-O staining  
   Normal 0
   Slightly reduced 1
   Moderate reduced 2
   Severe reduced 3
   No dye noted 4
IV. Tidemark integrity  
   Intact 0
   Crossed by blood vessels 1