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Figure 4

From: Quantitative gait analysis as a method to assess mechanical hyperalgesia modulated by disease-modifying antirheumatoid drugs in the adjuvant-induced arthritic rat

Figure 4

Time course of walking speed changes after the induction of arthritis compared with normal rats. Treated arthritic rats or untreated arthritic rats showed a gradual decrease in velocity from day 2 onwards. Arthritic rats treated with azothioprine (AZ), chloroquine (CQ), sodium aurothiomalate (gold salt (GS)), methotrexate (MTX) and indomethacine, however, exhibited a reversal of the deficit in velocity seen in the untreated rats or saline-treated arthritic rats from day 12 onwards. Results are the mean ± standard error (n = 6). AC, arthritic control; AIA, adjuvant-induced arthritis; DC, drug control; NT, no treatment; Sal + Art, saline and arthritis.

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