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Table 3 Predicted SOX9 binding sites in candidate genesa

From: SOX9 transduction of a human chondrocytic cell line identifies novel genes regulated in primary human chondrocytes and in osteoarthritis

Gene Conserved SOX9 binding site, relative to transcription start site Transcription start site (bp position based on homo sapiens genome build 35.1)
APOD +2998 bp to +3011 bp +3110 bp to +3123 bp CHR3_RANDOM:544561
GAPDH None passed criteria CHR12:6513945
RGC32 +2534 bp to +2547 bp CHR13:40929712
SPINT1 -1183 bp to -1170 bp CHR15:38923534
SRPX +3939 bp to +3952 bp +5628 bp to +5641 bp +15773 bp to +15786 bp CHRX:37836348
  1. aBase pair (bp) positions are given relative to the transcription start site of each gene. In all instances, positive numbers describe sites within the first intron of the gene.