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Table 3 Lesions identified on baseline scans in 2.3% of osteoarthritis subjects (3 of 132)

From: What is the clinical and ethical importance of incidental abnormalities found by knee MRI?

Lesion Gender Age in years Outcome (investigation: final diagnosis)
Osteochondroma Male 48 MRI, orthopedic review: osteochondroma
Enchondroma with endosteal remodeling Male 57 X-ray, CT, DMSA, MRI, orthopedic panel review: enchondroma
Enchondroma Female 63 CT, MRI, X-ray, DMSA, orthopedic panel review: enchondroma
  1. CT, computed tomography; DMSA, technetium-99m pentavalent dimercaptosuccinic acid scintigraphy; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.