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Table 1 Risk frequency and various verbal descriptors

From: What do we know about communicating risk? A brief review and suggestion for contextualising serious, but rare, risk, and the example of cox-2 selective and non-selective NSAIDs

Frequency range (1 in) EU descriptors Calman verbal scale Calman descriptive scale Paling perspective scale
1–9 Very common    Very high
10–99 Common High Frequent, significant High
100–999 Uncommon Moderate   Moderate
1,000–9,999 Rare Low Tolerable, reasonable Low
10,000–99,999 Very rare Very low   Very low
100,000–999,999   Minimal Acceptable Minimal
1,000,000–9,999,999   Negligible Insignificant, safe Negligible
  1. Data are taken from [41] and other sources. EU, European Union.