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Table 1 Composition of the selected rheumatoid arthritis case and control population samples

From: New classification of HLA-DRB1alleles in rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility: a combined analysis of worldwide samples

Ancestry Sample origin Number of cases Number of controls
Caucasian Greek 37 31
Caucasian Spanish 141 234
Caucasian American (Whites) 206 105
Amerindian North American (Amerinds) 98 78
African-American North American (Blacks) 46 51
African San (Bushman) 23 57
Asian Korean 81 68
Asian Chinese 21 20
Asian Javanese 66 72
Slavic Russian 40 73
Total   759 789
  1. These data were extracted from the 13th International Histocompatibility Working Group rheumatoid arthritis samples and are available on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website [28]. For the sample selection procedure, please refer to the Materials and methods section of this article.