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Table 5 Questionnaires and outcome types used in the studies selected

From: A meta-analysis of the efficacy of fibromyalgia treatment according to level of care

Type of outcome Questionnaires
Pain (p) McGill Pain Questionnaire [48]
  Brief Pain Inventory [49]
  Visual Analogue Scale [50]
Quality of life (ql) SF-36 [51]
  Quality of Life Scale (QOLS) [52]
Anxiety and depression (ad) Beck Depression Inventory [53]
  Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale [54]
  Hamilton Depression Scale [55]
  State-trait Anxiety Inventory [56]
Insomnia (i) Visual Analog Scale [50]
  Patient Global Impression [57]
Tender points (tp) Tender Points Index [58]
  Number of Tender Points according to American College of Rheumatology criteria [1]
Fatigue (f) Visual Analog Scale [50]
  Multi-dimensional Assessment of Fatigue [59]
Global Function (gf) Visual Analog Scale [50]
  Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire [60]
  Clinical Global Impression of Severity [57]
  Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) [61]