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Table 1 Characteristics of patients (n = 63) suffering knee lesions who were treated with a tissue engineered graft made with autologous chondrocytes grown on a three-dimensional hyaluronic acid-based biomaterial

From: Characteristics of repair tissue in second-look and third-look biopsies from patients treated with engineered cartilage: relationship to symptomatology and time after implantation

Characteristic Baseline
Age (years)  
    Mean (standard deviation) 39 (11.47)
    Range (minimum to maximum) 16 to 64
Gender (male/female) 41/22
Biopsies from asymptomatic patients 23 biopsies
Biopsies from asymptomatic patients 47 biopsies
Single lesion 39 patients
Multiple lesions 31 patients
Location of defect  
    Medial or lateral condyle 62 biopsies
    Tibial plateau 2 biopsies
    Trochlea 1 biopsy
    Patella 5 biopsies
Total surface area for all patients (mean (standard deviation))  
    Range in asymptomatic patients (cm2) 5.2 (2.9)
    Range in symptomatic patients (cm2) 3.4 (2.8)
Outerbridge grade  
    Outerbridge grade IV 57 patients
    Outerbridge grade III 6 patients
  1. Biopsies (n = 70) were classified by their time after implantation: before 18 months of follow-up or after longer than 18 months of follow-up.