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Table 1 Distribution of C+1354T within German systemic sclerosis patients and controls

From: 5HT2A polymorphism His452Tyr in a German Caucasian systemic sclerosis population

  Genotype C versus T
  CC CT TT Total MAF OR (95%CI) P a
Patients 176 31 2 209 0.084 1.32 (0.8–2.2) 0.28
Controls 203 28 1 232 0.065   
  1. aP-values were calculated with Fisher's exact test. Genotypes in cases and controls were consistent with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Frequencies of genotypes were also not significantly different between patients and controls (P = 0.52, exact Fisher Freeman Halton test). CI, confidence interval; MAF, minor allele frequency; OR, odds ratio.