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Figure 2

From: Amino acid racemization reveals differential protein turnover in osteoarthritic articular and meniscal cartilages

Figure 2

Amino acid ratio D/D+L versus age with selected regression lines from Table 1. (a) Asparagine + aspartate (Asx): dentin r2 = 0.961, normal articular cartilage r2 = 0.778, osteoarthritic (OA) articular cartilage r2 = 0.126, and OA meniscal cartilage r2 = 0.021. (b) Serine (Ser): dentin r2 = 0.827, normal articular cartilage r2 = 0.470, OA articular cartilage r2 = 0.173, and OA meniscal cartilage r2 = 0.127. (c) Leucine (Leu): dentin r2 = 0.349, normal articular cartilage r2 = 0.287, OA articular cartilage r2 = 0.053, and OA meniscal cartilage r2 = 0.010. The four tissues studied are indicated by regression line colors: dentin (dark blue), normal articular cartilage (light blue), OA articular cartilage (purple), and OA meniscal cartilage (pink).

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