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Table 3 Expected changes with age in total amino acid content (D+L) and amino acid racemization (D/D+L)

From: Amino acid racemization reveals differential protein turnover in osteoarthritic articular and meniscal cartilages

  Total amino acid (D+L)
with age
Ratio D/D+L
with age
Anabolism Slight increase Slight decrease
Catabolism No change Slight increase
Anabolism = Catabolism No change Slight decrease
Theoretical normal cartilage aging No change Moderate increase
Swelling and/or glycosaminoglycan increase Slight decrease No change
Normal articular cartilage results No change Moderate increase
Osteoarthritic articular cartilage results No change No change
Osteoarthritic meniscal cartilage results Slight decrease No change
Dentin results No change Large increase