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Table 2 Association of MICA polymorphism within the second and combined first and second French Caucasian family cohort

From: Association of MICA with rheumatoid arthritis independent of known HLA-DRB1risk alleles in a family-based and a case control study

  2nd French family cohort 1st + 2nd French family cohort
(a) All individuals without controlling for LD with HLA-DRB1   
   Minor allele A A
   Frequency in cases/controlsa 27%/32% 25%/33%
   Minor allele transmitted/untransmitted 37/46 63/94
   Transmission rate 45% 40%
   TDT P value 0.328 0.015
(b) Subgroup without HLA-DRB1 risk alleles   
   Minor allele transmitted/untransmitted 12/16 18/34
   Transmission rate 43% 35%
   TDT P value 0.450 0.027
(c) All individuals, controlling for LD with HLA-DRB1 by conditional logistic regression   
   OR (95% CI)b 0.68 (0.4–1.15) 0.56 (0.38–0.83)
   P value 0.158 0.003
   LRTc P value 0.122 0.002
  1. aControls are non-transmitted alleles; bodds ratio of transmission of minor allele versus transmission of major allele as determined in logistic regression; clikelihood ratio test evaluating model including HLA-DRB1 alleles S2 and S3P and MICA-250 versus S2 and S3P only. For the HLA-DRB1 locus, allele L was used as reference. Effects of S2 and S3P alleles are presented in the online supplement (Additional data file 3). CI, confidence interval; LD, linkage disequilibrium; TDT, transmission disequilibrium test.