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Table 4 Participants' reporting of ICF categories: Body Functions (b) and Body Structures (s)

From: Validation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Core Set for chronic widespread pain from the perspective of fibromyalgia patients

ICF code ICF category title Number of linked concepts
ICF categories of the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for CWP
   b122 Global psychosocial functions -
   b126 Temperament and personality functions 38
   b130 Energy and drive functions 51
   b134 Sleep function 13
   b140 Attention functions 14
   b147 Psychomotor function -
   b152 Emotional functions 42
   b1602 Content of thought -
   b164 Higher-level cognitive functions -
   b180 Experience of self and time functions 2
   b260 Proprioceptive function -
   b265 Touch function 17
   b270 Sensory functions related to temperature and other stimuli 8
   b280 Sensation of pain 159
   b430 Haematological system functions -
   b455 Exercise tolerance functions 18
   b640 Sexual functions -
   b710 Mobility of joint functions 11
   b730 Muscle power functions 19
   b735 Muscle tone functions 2
   b740 Muscle endurance functions -
   b760 Control of voluntary movement functions 1
   b780 Sensations related to muscles and movement functions 40
   s770 Additional musculoskeletal structures related to movement 1
Additional ICF categories
   b114 Orientation functions 2
   b144 Memory functions 32
   b210 Seeing functions 5
   b220 Sensations associated with the eye and adjoining structures 4
   b230 Hearing functions 12
   b240 Sensations associated with hearing and vestibular function 8
   b250 Taste function 4
   b255 Smell function 2
   b420 Blood pressure functions 6
   b440 Respiration functions 2
   b450 Additional respiratory functions 1
   b460 Sensations associated with cardiovascular and respiratory functions 11
   b510 Ingestion functions 6
   b515 Digestive functions 3
   b525 Defecation functions 10
   b535 Sensations associated with the digestive system 3
   b620 Urination functions 19
   b650 Menstruation functions 2
   b770 Gait pattern functions 2
   b810 Protective functions of the skin 1
   b820 Repair functions of the skin 1
   b830 Other functions of the skin 2
   b840 Sensations related to the skin 1
  1. ICF, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; CWP, chronic widespread pain.