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Table 1 Features of potential casesa of osteonecrosis

From: Can health care databases be used to identify incident cases of osteonecrosis?

Number of potential cases 87
Age, years 21 to 92
Women 7 (8%)
Sites (confirmed casesb) 81 (85% of potential cases)
   Femoral head 71 (88%)
   Humerus 4 (5%)
   Talus 2 (2%)
   Carpal navicular 2 (2%)
   Other foot/ankle 2 (2%)
Sites (incident casesc) 15
   Femoral head 14 (93%)
   Humerus 0
   Talus 0
   Carpal navicular 0
   Other foot/ankle 1 (7%)
  1. aPotential cases were identified by the presence of at least one ICD-9 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Ninth Revision) code for osteonecrosis (733.4×) in the medical record. bConfirmed cases were those in which osteonecrosis was present after reviewing the medical record. cIncident cases were those in which symptoms were noted in the medical record to have begun within 6 months of the first code.